Automatic gauges for beverage cans

Master Series

Exceptional long term flexibility. Reduced cost of ownership

  • Fully automatic, operator free measurement
  • Sampling on time or production basis
  • Fully self - checking
  • Data available on screen and exchanged via local area network
  • Modular design for cost effective expansion
  • Multiple units run from a single control station reduces footprint
  • Multi size capability as standard
  • Multi lane capability (optional)
  • Standard PC components can be used—reduces maintenance costs
  • Remote monitoring via webcam—reduces service costs

Reduced servicing costs

  • Service intervals have been reduced
  • Mechanical and electrical modules can be quickly replaced
  • Clear instructions from the gauge interface regarding errors that have occurred and the rectification procedure that needs to be followed
  • Capable of using easily sourced components such as a generic desktop PC and display enables the plant to repair the gauge themselves
  • The gauges can be monitored via webcams for more effective self diagnosis and repair decision-making.

Multi size capability as standard 

The gauges can handling system has been design to accept standard beverage can sizes without change parts.

Cost effective modular design 

The Master Series gauges use well proven measurement techniques but are designed in a modular format which allows gauges to be purchase singularly or as groups. Individual gauges can be added to at a later date to increase through put or additional test features.

Systems are configured with an infeed conveyor (1,3 or 5 lanes), a central gauging control interface, and up to 3 linked gauging units:



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